Have you ever had the discussion with your girlfriend or wife where she goes, "Don't worry about Valentine's Day this year.  We don't need to make a big deal."? 

Then when February 14th rolls around, and you haven't made any plans, she's FURIOUS?

It happens ALL THE TIME.  According to a new survey, more than one in eight women have told a guy not to worry about Valentine's Day . . . then gotten upset when it actually happened.

The survey also found 56% of women say they expect their boyfriend or husband won't start trying to figure out Valentine's Day plans until February 12th or 13th.

95% say that a gift or plan that shows it took some TIME and THOUGHTFULNESS is more important than a gift or plan that's expensive.

Only 11% of women say they most want flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day this year.

Sounds about right to me!