What exactly is Turkey-phobia? 

There is a study by Kelton Research, the main source of holiday stress stems from the daunting task of preparing a turkey.
It could cause turkey phobia.  In fact, 21 percent of Americans say the turkey will likely be the biggest cooking fiasco of their Thanksgiving (Nov. 24) meal.  About 43 percent fear that their turkey will be too dry, while 28 percent are nervous that their gobbler will be undercooked. But the turkeyphobia doesn’t end there. About 48 percent of those who’ve attempted to cook the bird dread the icky task of cleaning the turkey. 30 percent hate waiting for it to thaw. Turkey stress may be the reason why 71 percent of Americans have resorted to various schemes to avoid making a full clucker for Thanksgiving dinner. About 51 percent cooked a turkey breast instead 46 percent  abandoned the whole turkey tradition and served something different 36 percent ordered take-out or went to a restaurant, 23 percent bought a pre-cooked turkey 23 percent refused to host Thanksgiving dinner altogether.