While driving on 7th Monday afternoon close to Durston, I was waiting at the stop light.  Looked over at the car next to me...this guy and gal were eating.  Ribs!  I couldn't believe it.  I watched them for as long as the light was red, then watched them scramble as he was driving and looking for something besides his shirt to wipe his hands on.  Ribs? Really?  Maybe chicken nuggets, cause they are easy to just plop in your mouth without a lot of slime like sauce on ribs.  From wired.com here are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods to eat while driving.

1. Coffee. It’s hot. It can spill. That’s bad. That said, we’re guilty of this. So are you. Admit it.
2. Hot soup. It’s hot. It can spill. That’s bad.
3. Tacos. Very messy.
4. Chili. It’s hot. It can spill. That’s bad. And it’s very messy.
5. Hamburgers. Greasy hands and a steering wheel do not mix.
6. Barbecued food. Um, that should go without saying.
7. Fried chicken. You think burgers are greasy?
8. Jelly or cream-filled donuts. Ever bitten into one and not had it squirt all over the place?
9. Soft drinks. Big threat of spillage, says Insurance.com, and unacceptable risk of “fizz up your nose.” Huh?
10. Chocolate. It melts on your fingers, which makes a mess on the steering wheel.

Do you eat while you drive?