I am a burper.  I am a good burper.  One of my first embarrassing moments was in third grade when I chugged water too quickly and let out a burp a Viking would be proud of.  I have since gotten over that embarrassment.

My husband is sick of my burping.  At least I don't fart in front of him!  My body physically won't let me do that.  I have friends that are able to fart in front of their husbands.  I don't get embarrassed, but I have passed gas in front of him a few times (bound to happen in 10 years of marriage, and 3 baby deliveries!) and have gotten a bit red-faced!

The reason I am talking about this gross subject is because I read an interesting statistic.  Apparently  17% of women say they burp in front of their partner, and 13% are ok with farting in front of their partner.  This is according to HowToGetTheManOfYourDreams.com

Do you burp and fart in front of your spouse?