We were pretty lucky on this gloomy Wednesday to have DJ Miller come by and brighten up our studio. DJ along with his fiddle player Amy wowed us with acoustic versions of 'The Little Things', 'Whatever it Takes' and 'Between Sundays.' Not only that but we reminisced about deer close calls while driving as well as the plunger that started it all!

Starting at only 2 years old, DJ Miller was already a fan of Garth Brooks. He told us how his dad engineered a plunger with a mic taped to the top (perfect height for a 2 year old, plus it was suctioned to the floor) for him to play out his already aspiring Nashville dreams. Don't believe it? See a video of tiny DJ Miller on stage at 2 years old here. It was no coincidence that DJ got into the music business, his Dad played in a band for over 30 years.

He told us he likes to have fun on stage and get a little rowdy and we found proof in a photo of him in concert on October 4th. He said he's not quite up to smashing guitars just yet.

You can vote for DJ Miller's 'Between Sundays' on CMT's Pure 12-Pack

Here's the video of DJ singing in the XL Country Conference Room on November 30th!