The hallowed studio of 11th & Grant played host today to the local badassery of the Dirty Shame. I assume most of you all know already how much of a tooth-kicking time those fellas can muster, but seeing it in full lighting through professional camera work took it up an echelon. The day-long session will be mixed with interviews and background for the PBS broadcast in true 11th & Grant style. The entire process of recording from the musicians to the technicians is filled with local talent. The program runs along the lines of Austin City Limits but on a strictly local basis. The roster of talented musicians is booked far in advance and has no shortage of applicants to become part of the uniquely Montanan biography of performers.

This seventh season will feature the Dirty Shame in about a year's time from the recording, standing on the foundation of specials featuring 10 Foot Tall & 80 Proof, The Clintons, The Saddle Tramps, Montana Rose, Wade Montgomery (a session that won one of our local sound technicians an Emmy, more on that tomorrow), Jeni Fleming and many, many more.

Be sure to stay tuned in to PBS in the coming months for news about the air dates for 11th & Grant, also Nature is an awesome program, but i digest. Check the back catalog of performances here, many an incredible song is to be heard from the sound wizards who inhabit our little mountainous nook of pulchritude.