I think bald is sexy.  My husband is going bald, and has never looked more handsome!

My only advice for men who are going bald, is don't try to hide it with the comb-over, or some other such craziness.  We can still tell you're losing your hair.  Embrace it!

If you're not quite ready to embrace it, some good news could be coming your way...

A University of Pennsylvania dermatologist says he has created a cure for male-pattern baldness that could be available for purchase in just two years.

George Cotsarelis said his new lotion inhibits the enzyme PGD2, which is connected to hair loss.

He told the journal, Science Translational Medicine, that he is currently shopping the solution to U.S. drug companies and believes it will be on the market in the near future.

A director at the University of Bradford, Des Tobin, called the study "a big step forward," adding, "I can't see why we won't soon be able to intervene to prevent hair loss"