Second day at The Ridge.  Today, I met with Annie, the super personal trainer there!  She trained at Nike, and I have a feeling she's going to kick my butt, in a good way.  We sat together and went through my medical history, what I hope to accomplish, and how I like to work out. I even wrote down my real weight!  I love that Annie wanted to know how I like to work out, and how I want to attain my goals.  I know this won't work if it's not something I will do on my own, or something I don't enjoy.  She also didn't make me do the body composition.  You know, where they squeeze your fat and weigh you.  I told her that I know where I am supposed to be by how my clothes fit, and how I feel.

I love that she is going to keep me accountable.  Plus, we went through all the classes and found some that she thinks I will enjoy.  I am even going to try something new, spinning! We've set up a schedule, and I am ready to go.  We did a short workout, and  I did a very sad amount of push ups, so I am sure she's going to work on that.  My core strength is better than I thought.  She did tell me to ditch the Shape Up tennis shoes, because we will be doing alot of balance work. It's against my nature to buy anything but heels, but I went to Costco and bought some Adidas.  Let's be honest, I am not going to run a marathon, and I will only wear them to the gym, so I didn't want to spend a fortune.

I am so excited!  LOVE Annie.  Her enthusiasm is contagious, and I am looking forward to our next meeting.  I am going skiing tomorrow, so that counts as my workout, and the beer I plan to drink at the end of the day won't count, because I'm sure I will burn about a million calories in the fresh powder!