I had a sick boy all weekend, so I didn't make it into the Ridge.  I am the Mom who won't take my sick children to a day care situation...I think it's rude.  So, I had to find ways to work out on my own.  I will be honest with you.  Annie's workout style scares me a little, so I didn't want to sit on my butt all weekend, because I know she's going to make me work this afternoon!

I did take a day off on Friday.  Saturday, I walked about 3 miles with a six year old on my shoulders for most of it.  Sunday, I painted all day long inside the house, and walked.  Yesterday, more painting and walking.  I count painting as working out, because I sweat and use muscles I didn't even know I had.  Also, I ate healthy this weekend.  That may not sound like a big deal, but for me it is.  I did have some cocktails on Friday night, but instead of beer, I had a vodka/soda-no sugar and lower in calories.  My family had pizza on Saturday night, and I ran down to SevenSushi and got my favorite roll, and an ocean spring roll (not deep fried).  I am serious about this health thing!

I am loving the feeling of waking up in the morning and being a little sore.  I know it means I actually did something, even if it wasn't as much as I or my trainer would like.  Today, I am working out with trainer Annie, but looking forward to taking part in some of the classes they offer at The Ridge this week.  Here's the list of classes if you want to join me.