How does Taylor Swift's actual home compare to her fictitious "Back to December" video home? A couple of major differences are the possibilities for a sting ray and a human sized bird cage in one of the homes. Which could be that bizarre?

In Taylor Swift's music video for "Back to December" , we see an intimate and quaint house that seems to fit Taylor quite well. But the country sensations admits she has much bigger plans for her first house.

MTV News gave us an insight into what her house includes now and what she is planning on accomplishing in their interview with Taylor.

The pop-star explained how she is planning on having a human sized birdcage that she will place a table and and a brass telescope in. Not only that but there is a moat in the middle of her house surrounding the fireplace and is the home of multiple Koi Fish. She explained she would have  preferred to have sting rays but certain problems arose that wouldn't allow her.

Taylors apartment is located in central Nashville where she is sure to be able access all the nightlife shenanigans.