I did it.  I got Emma a cell phone for her 10th birthday.  It's a basic phone that only calls and texts, and it comes with a ton of rules.

She can't take it to school.  She can't use it after 8pm.  She can't have it at the dinner table.  I'm sure there will be more rules as we go along.

Don't tell her, but I actually got it for me.  She is getting to that age where she is doing more activities and spending more time with friends, and I want to be able to reach her at anytime.  Plus, if she's ever in an uncomfortable or bad situation, I want her to be able to reach me.

I feel good about my decision to get her one.  She is responsible and hardworking, and most important, trustworthy.  The out of town relatives are pretty excited too!

What are your thoughts on kids and cell phones?  What do you think is a good age to get your child a cell phone?