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HRDC Survey Info [PODCAST]
Heather from HRDC, The Human Resource Development Council in Bozeman was on the XL Country Morning show with information about the community needs assessment survey.
Bozeman, Have You Joined the Facebook Craze of Frosting? [PHOTOS]
What is frosting? Frosting is a photo trend just like Tebowing or Planking except this one is limited to those lucky people surrounded by snow. Coined by Montanans, frosting involves taking a photo of yourself looking casual while doing warm weather things in the snow. See some examples inside. Warn…
Blake Shelton Bozeman Concert Postponed
It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of Blake Shelton's father, Dick Shelton. Mr. Shelton, who was in declining health this past year, was surrounded by loved ones in Oklahoma upon his passing this evening.
Six Reasons You Should Really Own A Dog
Do you have a dog?  We love our Daisy May!  We got her at the shelter here in Bozeman in January of 2007.  This is truly the best dog I've ever been around.  Here are six reasons you should really own a dog.
Do You Have Fat Pants?
What the hell are fat pants?  I've heard girls talk about them all the time.  I never really knew or understood what they are until this past weekend.
Make Money Now With What You Have In Your Closet
You'd be surprised how much money you actually have just sitting around your house.  Especially in your closet - all those clothes you no longer wear.  All that costume jewelry that just sits.  What about shoes and boots and belts (that no longer fit)!  What about your kitch…

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