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Watch the Game with Me!
I'm all set up and ready for the Big Game! And I want you to join me! I'm going to be live-chatting with you on the XL Country Facebook page!
Punxsutawney Phil Makes His Prediction
It may be Super Bowl Sunday, but there was a far more important prediction being made today than who is going to win the Big Game. Punxsutawny Phil came out of his whole today to tell us how much more winter we have to expect.
XL Country Rolls Out New Lineup
You've no doubt noticed some changes in 2014 on XL Country 100.7. I started a week ago as your new host of the XL Morning Show. Every weekday from 6a to 10am we'll have some fun, take your phone calls, and keep you up to date on what's happening around the Bozeman area.
Thank You, Bozeman for a Great First Week!
I've been in town a week today, and already I've met Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore, and Jana Kramer. I was also told that in the past few weeks Johnny Depp and Jimmy Buffet have been seen around town. Anyone have any brushes with fame recently in Bozeman...
Where to Eat in Bozeman?
After the show the other day, I dashed out from the radio station to find something to eat. The studio is downtown, so I stumbled upon Burger Bob's. It seemed like a cool place! Except I somehow ordered a chicken sandwich on my first visit to a local burger joint...

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