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Worst Streets and Potholes
tom jordan
I’ve lived in several different states in my long radio career.  From Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, to Nevada, California, Idaho and Montana.  I’ve done lots of driving to and from the workplace.  And I&CloseC…
Help Out Your Bozeman Neighbors With ‘Stuff A Bus’ [AUDIO]
I have heard the recession is over, but tell that to all the folks around our area who are struggling to put food on the table, and shoes on their kids feet.
What I love most about SW Montana, is that we help our neighbors.  Stuff A Bus makes sure kids in our area have shoes, clothes, coats and …
Printer Ink Cartridges
I'm not one to shop very often.  Just don't like it.  Hate going to the store.  So when I do venture into The Wal-mart, The Costco, The Mall, The Grocery Store, I buy a bunch of stuff at one time.  That way I don't have to go back again anytime soon!
So here's …
A&D Autobody and Me
I got a new Suburban.  My new baby.   It's black, and as I found out quickly, black is very hard to take care of, but it does match all my outfits!
I know I sound like a girl, but there is a very girly side of me, and this new car brings it out!
Luke Bryan ‘Country Girl-Shake It For Me’ [LIVE VIDEO]
Okay, some people are upset over this song and the video.  Why?  Because of the girls in the video?  Which is live from his (Luke Bryan) concert appearances around the country.  Luke Bryan is one of the NEW GENERATION of country artists that are bringing in an entire new generati…
T.V. Theme Song Day
Today is National T.V. Theme Song Day!  There are so many shows that had theme songs most of us grew up with, always singing along with them.
What A Deck!
So with Lori finally well enough to travel, her Mom came in from Reno to get Lori for a trip to see our daughter Ashley, who is still living in Fresno and attending college there.  Lori left me a 'honey-do' to complete while she's away, even though it's only for a week.
Randy Travis ‘Everything And All’ [Song Review]
There is so much great new country out right now!  I love listening to the new country songs and trying to pick the ones that will be hits.  From the new Montgomery Gentry to Sawyer Brown, Chris Young to that great new George Strait song...now we hear from Randy Travis, who hasn't bee…

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