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XL Country Listeners Sound Off On Hank Jr. [PODCAST]
It's been less than 100 hours since Hank Williams Jr. embarrassed himself on live TV by making an analogy between Barack Obama and Hitler and he has already been fired from the Monday Night Football's music intro that he had been apart of for several years.
Listen in on what XL Nation - XL …
Intermountain Opera Bozeman (PODCAST)
Alan Fisher with the Intermountain Opera Bozeman came into XL Country with Tom and Colleen to talk about the upcoming performance at the Willson Auditorium 404 West Main in Bozeman on October 14th and16th.
Women Think About Food More Than Sex
A new study claims that women think about food more than sex -- and that a significant minority think about it more than they think about their partners.
According to the the new poll,  54% thought about food more than sex. Just over 37% thought about eating more than they thought about the…

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