Weird News

Why You Should Not Kill Snakes With Fire [VIDEO]
A woman not afraid of snakes, doused a serpent with gasoline and set it ablaze. That's when the cold blooded animal took the fire to the woman's home. Was it revenge or just mere coincidence? Watch a video of the police call and the fire.
St. Patrick’s Day Facts
St. Patrick's day... what do I say... My favorite St. Patties Day would have to involve Butte.  Some friends and I drove to Butte after work a couple of years ago.  It was crazy and I have a hard time remembering everything... Actually I don't want to incriminate myself...  …
18-Foot Sinkhole Eats Golfer
After decades of suffering abuse at the hands of humans, the Earth is apparently fighting back, and it's starting with the golfers. Golfers Mark Mihal and Mike Peters took advantage of a nice late winter day by playing the course at Waterloo, Ill...

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