Weird News

An Airline Is Now Charging People by Weight
I can't even imagine how embarrassing this would be.  To have someone look me up and down and then charge me more to get on the plane depending on how much I weigh.   Unless they ask me to get on the scale with my luggage, they're getting the wrong weight, because I lie about it.
Why You Should Not Kill Snakes With Fire [VIDEO]
A woman not afraid of snakes, doused a serpent with gasoline and set it ablaze. That's when the cold blooded animal took the fire to the woman's home. Was it revenge or just mere coincidence? Watch a video of the police call and the fire.
St. Patrick’s Day Facts
St. Patrick's day... what do I say... My favorite St. Patties Day would have to involve Butte.  Some friends and I drove to Butte after work a couple of years ago.  It was crazy and I have a hard time remembering everything... Actually I don't want to incriminate myself...  …

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