My Weekend At Hyalite Reservoir
When I first arrived in Bozeman back in January, one of the first shows I did on XL Country was taking calls about cool things to do here in the Bozeman area. Most of the calls, as I remember, were about Hyalite Canyon, the reservoir, and Palisade Falls.
An Airline Is Now Charging People by Weight
I can't even imagine how embarrassing this would be.  To have someone look me up and down and then charge me more to get on the plane depending on how much I weigh.   Unless they ask me to get on the scale with my luggage, they're getting the wrong weight, because I lie about it.
Why Do We Need Oxygen Masks on Planes? This Scary Video Gives the Answer
Anyone who has flown commercially knows the instructions the flight attendants give prior to take off. The main emphasis is on the oxygen mask. In the event of depressurization, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling and they demonstrate how to securely fasten it over your mouth. I've always wonder…

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