Dad Shoots Up Daughter’s Laptop Because Of Facebook [VIDEO]
This tech savvy father, Tommy Jordan (no relation to our Tom Jordan!), found a letter on his daughter's laptop meant only for her friends on Facebook. The letter was hidden from her father on Facebook but while fixing her computer he found it. To say the least, he was shocked at what he read. In the…
Do You Lie When You Text?
If you want a truthful answer to a question, don’t ask it via text message — recent research suggests people are more likely to lie when using the modern form of communication.
Facebook Announces New Timeline Feature for Profiles [VIDEO]
Despite the whining about the launch of their “top stories” feature this week, Facebook unveiled and even bigger change at the company’s F8 developer conference in San Francisco: Timeline.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that profile pages will soon automatically put photos, videos, status upd…
PlayStation vs. Xbox — Which Is Better?
Do you have one of these?  We never had one until recently.  Very recently.  Finally gave in and got a Kinect-Xbox.  WOW!
In one corner, we have PlayStation, the video game console engineered by Sony that’s currently in it’s third evolution on top of its PSP, PS Vita and PlayStation Move installments…

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