Bozeman Instagram Pics
If you're in the Bozeman area AND an Instagram user, you probably already get to see the great stuff users are posting about #bozeman. If not, get on there and check it out!
Samsung Phone Caught Fire and They Don’t Want You To Know [VIDEO]
A Galaxy S4 user made a claim to Samsung that his S4 started on fire while charging. Samsung wanted proof and so the user uploaded a video of the damage caused to the phone and charger. They then offered to replace his phone with a similar product but only if he remove the video and never speak of s…
New MSU Bobcat Sports App Revealed Just in Time for Cat/Griz
We are less than a week away from the Brawl of the Wild here in Bozeman between state rivals Montana State University and University of Montana. Just in time for the game, Montana State Athletics has released their free smartphone app, Bobcat Sports, which is loaded with MSU sports news, scores and …

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