Jesse James Interviews Greg Gianforte [WATCH]
Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Gianforte stops by the XL Country studio.
Greg Gianforte, who is running for Governor of the great state of Montana, stopped by the XL Country studio to answer questions submitted by XL Nation.
Watch the video below...
An Open Letter to America Regarding Mass Shootings
I'm so scared. I'm so scared for the people I love and the people I have never met. I'm scared for their children. I'm so scared of saying something on here and being criticized for not doing enough, or for thinking that my words are somehow valuable or part of some great solutio…
Is This Trump Tweet About Montana Fake?
The tweet above is allegedly from presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump. It's making the rounds of the internet and social media today, but is it real? Did The Donald actually tweet that out about our great state? We're not so sure, and here's why:

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