Welcome Home!
As the 4-H Military Program Coordinator I get to work with amazing people. One of them is Brenda Baker who's husband is serving overseas. She is the President of the Family Readiness Group here in Belgrade. The FRG supports familes of service men and women while they are overseas. AND GUESS WHAT?...…
KLIM Big Sky XC Post Race Report
Nearly 350 racers traveled to Big Sky Resort in Southwestern Montana over the weekend for round 6 of the AMA West Hare Scrambles Championship Series. Racer photos and finishing places inside.
National championships were on the line for many of the youth and amateur classes on Saturday...
Back To School Time – Making Memories
With school starting again, I thought it was time to look through an old high school yearbook.  When was the last time you took some time to look through your old high school yearbooks?  I was such a goofy looking...goof!
4-H at the Saturday Farmers Market!

The Saturday Farmers Markets are drawing to a close and the new 4-H year is quickly approaching. Come visit me at the MSU Extension Booth THIS SATURDAY to find out how your child can get involved in 4-H!! I'll be there from 9am to 12 noon (unless I'm wandering around shopping-then I'll have someone …
Pasture Management Class
Gallatin County Extension in partnership with the Gallatin
Conservation District and Gallatin Big Sky Noxious Weed Committee will be
offering a 6 week pasture management course for Gallatin County
residents.  The class will give land owners the necessary tools to develop
a sustainable pasture manag…
Women, Compare Your Body
A new website shows how your body compares to those of other women.
My Body Gallery is a searchable database full of user-uploaded photos, tagged with their self-described height, weight, body type, pant size and shirt size.
You put in your stats and get to see women with the same ones...
Best Sand Castles: 10 Beach Designs That Truly Made Waves
If people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, then what about people who live in sandcastles? After all, glass is just melted sand, right? Maybe they shouldn’t throw magma. Who knows?
The point is, it takes a special kind of sandcastle to inspire this line of questioning. The artistry, t…
Lemonade For Sale!
I always stop for a lemonade stand, but never drink it, because I always envision the scene from 'Vacation' where the girl stirs the Kool-Aid with her arm.  My kids and their friends took the guesswork out of it for their customers!
How can you say no...

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