The 10 Weirdest Santa Claus Collectibles Available
Santa Claus! The Jolly Old Elf! The Guy In The Red Suit Hanging From a Hook On The Ceiling! Wait, what? Sure there's plenty of delightfully fun figurines of Old Saint Nick, but there's a few far too disturbing and bizarre for any tree trimming party. Here's t
Boy Scouts Sporting Full Beards Are Kind of Creepy [PHOTOS]
The purpose of the new series of print ads from Boy Scouts of America is to convey how scouting skills can transform youngsters from boys into full-bearded men.
However, there is something unsettling about seeing beards that would make Kimbo Slice or Zach Galifianakis jealous on the faces of boys sti…
Interested in joining 4-H?

Of course your are!
"But...there is soccer, football, dance, church, homework.....AND we don't have a yard for a cow or pig."
Haven't you heard?! 4-H isn't just about cows, plows, and sows. Some of the most popular projects in 4-H don't require a yard at all. They include robotics, music, ar…
14 Adorable Dogs In Halloween Costumes [PICTURES]
Sure, Halloween is all about the kiddos. Opening the front door to the neighborhood wee ones (yours or someone else's) dressed in their trick-or-treating finery is a sugar rush unto itself.
So what's cuter than your four-year-old dressed as Dorothy? Your fou

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