Babies Make the Funniest Sour Faces
We're suckers for sour faces. Warheads, lemons-- you name it! Although we're fans of any kind of pungent-induced expression, there's something about the way kids react to super sour foods that's just so cute, charming and hysterical.
The 10 People You’ll Find in Every Coffee Shop
Coffee shops are entertainment hot spots. These places are chock-full of prime people-watching opportunities, because they're not just for strict coffee-lovers anymore. Nowadays, we can get everything from mocha marble whatcha-ma-call-it lattes to chocolate-banana smoothie deliciousness at…
Shania Twain: Pictures Through the Years
Shania Twain turned 47 yesterday,August 28, and still looks great! The singer has offered cutting-edge country music and fashion in the 18 years since releasing ‘The Woman With Me’ in 1995. While this wasn’t her debut album, its success (over 12 million copies s…
Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott Gets an Adorable New Puppy
Lady Antebellum‘s Hillary Scott is now the proud mama of two adorable dogs. The accomplished songstress showed off the newest member of her family — a fluffy doodle named Baker — via social media this weekend before popping back into the recording studio on Monday (Aug. 27).
Apartment Fire On Michael Grove In Bozeman Tuesday [PHOTOS]
Tuesday evening a house fire burned the entire top floor of an apartment complex on Michael Grove in Bozeman. Details are still slim on the cause and the damages. I live just down the street from the building and I was able to snap a few photos of the damage.
I’m Having A Damm Kid! [PICTURES]
My wife and I just had another doctors appointment yesterday and found out for sure what the sex is.  We weren't sure if we should find out right away, however Shay likes to paint so we needed to know what color to paint the room.  Wanna know if it's a boy or girl?

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