The Ultimate White People Dance Compilation [VIDEO]
I know it's just a stereotype that white people can't dance, but it's a pretty harmless stereotype and here is 2 minutes and 15 seconds of white people dancing that is guaranteed to make you laugh. I'm glad they didn't find footage of me cutting a rug.
Paranormal Activity Prank Terrorizes Poor Victim [VIDEO]
We have all seen scaring pranks before, but nothing like this paranormal activity prank. While most tend to be too theatrical and in your face, this prank starts off very subtle and then grows to a terrifying conclusion. Watch if you dare.
Are You In The Market For a Ford F250 or a Good Laugh?
In most situations, it's the buyer who is picky not the seller. This Bismark man is so picky about who he wants to sell his 1984 Ford F250 to that he made a list of traits not suitable for a prospective buyer. Fans of pumpkin latte need not apply.

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