Best Videos of 2013 You Haven’t Seen [VIDEO]
I am an online blogger by profession and the fact that I have not seen these videos makes me think I either I am really bad at what I do, or I have stumbled upon some great videos you also have not seen. Tosh.0 look out!
Wet Dog Rants Over Being Wet After Bath [VIDEO]
I think most of you would agree that each dog has a very distinct personality. It's a shame we can't actually hear what they are trying to tell us all of the time. In this video, the little wet dog is given a very accurate translation into English of his extreme displeasure of being wet!
GPS Prank Makes for a Comical Taxi Ride [VIDEO]
What would you do if your GPS gained a personality? The pranksters over at College Humor tested just that in this prank video of a GPS that begins to interact with unsuspecting taxi passengers.

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