Embarrassing Holiday Work Parties
A survey has found that one in four of us will kiss a colleague at their work Christmas party over the coming weeks.
1/3 of the people who work in PR said they have taken a coworker home for the night.
Those in the teaching profession are the most likely to call in sick after the work party, with …
Need a kid-free night?
The holidays are approaching. I don't have kids so I have only an inkling of how crazy it must be to do your holiday shopping with your little ones in tow. The amount of respect I have for the moms and dads I see at the mall wrangling their kids, while trying to shop is HUGE. That being said...…
All I Want For Christmas Is A…Giftcard?
Really?  Just giftcards?  Actually it's a great way to get someone exactly what they want who is in another state.  Our daughter Ashley is just starting out on her own, I remember those days.  She LOVE'S gift cards from her favorite stores.  That way she can get wh…
Cheapest Days To Travel Around Christmas looked at average airfares for the dates leading up to and following Christmas (based on ticket purchases made by its customers) and found: the most affordable days to take-off right now are December 14, 15, 18, 19 and 20.
Good, but not the best days, are December 21, 25, 30 and 31...
Cyber Monday Deals
After four days of turkey, four days of football (mostly field goals!), almost four days of shopping, who's ready for some cyber action?

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