December Is Most Stressful Month For Couples
This actually kind of surprises me.  My husband, Mike, and I seem to be getting along great this month!  I could see how this month could cause some stress, though.
Over the holidays, the combination of spending money you don't really have and hanging out with the in-laws can prove t…
Operation Tipsy Tow
No excuses this holiday season.  There is NEVER a good reason to drink and drive, and Operation Tipsy Tow is now underway through the holidays to give you a ride home.
They will offer free rides and even tow your car home for you.  It's all from Elite Towing, AAA, and Blue Cross/Blue S…
Holiday Debt
According to research on Daily Mail, about one in three people will take on debt to pay for Christmas gifts.
Most of those going into the red will spend more than average on their credit card, or use their overdraft to absorb extra spending...
Keeping Your Holidays Jolly
I love it hasn't always been that way.  As a kid, the holidays were wonderful, but I went through a few tough ones after my divorce.
For one Christmas, I was all alone, living in a studio apartment in Florida.  My furniture hadn't arrived, and was new to town…

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