10 Reasons You Should Become an XL Country Club Member Right Now
The XL Country Club is open to new members. We have no secret handshake, require no dress code, and we perform no secret rituals. Here are 10 reasons you should join our XL Country Club right now!

It's Free! Enough said there.
You get extra chances to win great prizes like our current Dierks Bentley F…
Tim & Faith Flyaway Ends Sunday!
I've seen Tim & Faith a number of times. I have never, however, had the pleasure of seeing them in Las Vegas! And after the show getting to go back to my suite and recreate the movie The Hangover! This is your chance, but our Tim & Faith Flyaway Contest ends tomorrow (Sunday).
Would You Like to Meet The Band Perry?
I've got 2 tickets and 2 backstage passes to meet the Band Perry at their show this Sunday night in Billings! Are there any big Band Perry Fans out their in the XL Nation? Because if you've always wanted to meet the Band Perry I want to give them to you...

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