What Would You Do For Pizza And Beer? [POLL]
Everyone always offers pizza and beer in exchange for your time.
It's seems like it's always the go to incentive that your friends use to get you to help them with manual labor.
Here are a few examples:
"Can you help me mount my new transmission in my truck...
Jesse James Interviews Greg Gianforte [WATCH]
Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Gianforte stops by the XL Country studio.
Greg Gianforte, who is running for Governor of the great state of Montana, stopped by the XL Country studio to answer questions submitted by XL Nation.
Watch the video below...
Looking For An Awesome Job In Bozeman?
Gibson Acoustic Guitars is hiring in Bozeman!
If you're a music lover, this might just be your dream job! Gibson Acoustic Guitars located in Bozeman is holding a job fair October 5th and 6th from 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. at the Gibson factory. The Gibson factory is located at 1894 Orville Way off of…
Today is my 3 Month Anniversary! [POLL]
It has officially been 3 months since I joined the XL Nation!
Three months ago I packed my life in a U-Haul, and moved to Montana to do the afternoon show on XL Country. I have had the opportunity to meet quite a few members of XL Nation, and to say I'm loving it in Bozeman so far is an understa…
If You Have A Yahoo Account, You Need To Read This
Yahoo confirms data breach affecting nearly 500 million accounts.
If you have a yahoo email account, your information may be at risk. a report posted by Recode suggests that Yahoo will soon release a statement confirming the data breach. The information said to be released in the data breach includes…
Top Five Breweries In The Bozeman Area
Looking for the best locally made craft beer in Bozeman? Look no further!
Bozeman has a huge selection of breweries. Whatever your taste buds are in the mood for, you'll have no problem finding something that satisfies your craft beer craving...
There’s Just Something Satisfying About Splitting Wood
Fall is here, and winter is right around the corner. Time to start splitting firewood.
There's an old saying that goes, "Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice." Recently, I've learned that saying is very true. Even on cooler days you can break a sweat chopping wood…
The Great Wall of Montana
People everywhere are talking about building walls. How about we build a wall around Montana?
You hear it all the time. "Montana is getting too big", or "Sshhhh...Don't give away Montana's secrets" I've got a solution. Why don't we build a wall …
To The Jerk Than Ran Into My Car
We've all been put in a position where we've had the decision of choosing the right thing to do, or choosing the wrong thing to do.
To the person that chose the wrong thing by backing into my car and then driving off, I'd like to ask you a few questions...
Be Thankful For Your Blessings
I'm happy that I'm finally getting settled in up here in Montana. I always try to remind myself how blessed I am. Work is a blessing if you love what you do. I'm blessed to be supported in my endeavors by my extraordinary friends and family...

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