We just got back from Headwaters Country Jam. The stage is being set up; campers and vendors are rolling in; and we saw one tour bus but I don't know which artist it belonged to. All I know is that whoever it was probably has the best camping facility of the entire festival. Maybe they'll let me use their shower.

If you're heading to Headwaters Country Jam over the next few days here's a few things you might want to bring:

  • Something that repels water. Rain is in the forecast through Saturday
  • A hoodie or light jacket - temps are supposed to only be in the 60s for Friday & Saturday
  • Extra money to buy some cool t-shirts and hoodies (see above) at the Reckless Country booth. We met them coming into the campground today and they have some cool stuff!
  • Your sparkling personality. This is a party people, so leave your stress, your work & relationship issues, and your bad attitude at home! This is supposed to be 3 days of fun, good times, and great music!

Remember to stop by the XL Booth for your chance to win $1000 with the Kenyon Noble 'Boot Full of Loot'!

If you need more info about Headwaters visit their website at HeadwatersCountryJam.com! We look forward to seeing you out there over the next three days!