Here is some video taken just over a week ago of not one, not two, but THREE mountain lion at a ranch near Livingston, MT. Thanks to KBZK-TV for posting this!

Last summer a mountain lion was shot just a few houses down from ours in the alley. It was a big cat, and who knows how long it had been in the tree waiting for night to fall. Game and Fish was called and the mountain lion was shot. Local law enforcement said it was too risky to tranquilize because if the cat was re-located, more than likely, it would come back (apparently they have a huge roaming radius), thus risking another encounter between people and the hungry animal.They say mountain lion attacks on humans are rare, but I still find them to be unnerving, especially when they show up in my neighborhood.

Here's a pic of our mountain lion:

photo by Candice Wooten