Bozeman is a great place to live. Especially if you like long winters, short commutes, mountain hikes, rivers and ski hills in your back yard. All of this makes up our charming little town called Bozeman. Without changing any of that, I would like to suggest a few additions that could benefit our mountain town.

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    Best Buy

    I love going to Billings and wandering into Best Buy. Rarely do I buy anything but it's a blast browsing their selection of movies, music, games, tv's, computers and stereos. My entire Christmas list can usually be purchased at Best Buy.

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    Apple Store

    As Apple product sales are on the rise this only makes sense. The Apple Stores are extremely convenient for any of your Mac computer, iPod, iPhone and iPad needs. They make diagnosis and repair much quicker than having to send a product out of state and wait for all of the shipping material. It's only a matter of time before they come to Bozeman because Apple is basically taking over the world. The small computer section in the MSU Bookstore just isn't enough anymore, and where are you supposed to park if you're not a student!

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    In-N-Out Burger

    I've only eaten here once but it was pretty great. Mostly just that name is what I crave. For whatever reason I feel a bit nostalgic of the Ma and Pa burger joints from the 50's when I think of In-N-Out Burger. Granted I wasn't alive in the 50's but the silver screen has implanted some grandiose visions of the past. Oh, and I love how you get to choose how much salt goes on your fries.

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    Olive Garden

    Endless bread sticks, soup and salad! Enough said. Bring us Olive Garden

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    Kids and adults could agree that Bozeman needs a state of the art video arcade. One that has a great atmosphere that would welcome high schoolers and their dates, birthday parties, and hardcore gamers wanting to be the best in town. A Dave and Busters could be really fun in Bozeman too! There's nothing like getting the friends together for some drinks, food, and games like skeeball, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Time Crisis, and many many more.

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    This has been in the works for years and honestly needs to be done. The skater population has outgrown the tiny skatepark located at Kirk Park. With Bozeman's cold winter months and the huge skate population, an indoor skatepark would be a great addition. It looks like they are more focused on an outdoor park though. You can keep up with the skatepark's fundraising news and events at their Facebook page Gallatin Valley Skatepark Association

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    New Bozeman Worthy Hotel

    I would love to see a Hotel on Main Street that would be so 'Bozeman' it would be the first place visitors look for reservations. I'm thinking of a hotel that would cater Yellowstone tourists, ski trippers, and MSU families with a unique Bozeman feel. It would have a wonderful restaurant where Bozemanites and tourists all mingle together. Too many hotels are plain and uniform here in town and don't quite offer the mountain valley feel that is Bozeman. Being located right on Main Street would immediately make it a hot spot for the town and it's visitors. This would allow for conventions right in the heart of our town. How realistic is this? Michelle Wolfe had a great idea of constructing such a hotel where on the lot the Safeway is on now. I'm not the only one hoping for a new hotel!

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    Texas Roadhouse

    I love their warm sweet buns they give you immediately after being seated. The worst part is trying to stop eating them so I can save room for a delicious steak. My mouth is watering just thinking about my last trip to the Texas Roadhouse.

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    Red Lobster

    Tom Jordan wants it and that's about all I need to know! Honey, put on your lobster bib, we are going to Red Lobster!

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    24 Hour Restaurant

    Right now Perkins' pretty much has the monopoly on the 24 hour dining experience and frankly it seems to be taking it's toll on the restaurant as well as my late night hunger. We need another choice like a Denny's or an overnight McDonalds. This way, at 2am or even 4am I can have a choice as to where I divulge my appetite.