We've got a song spotlight of the track "Old Alabama" off of Brad Paisley's upcoming May 14th album release of 'This is Country Music'. It will be the artists eighth album and he just keeps dishing out the hits. Let us know how it moves you. Listen to it here.

Mathew Wilkening - Taste of Country

“She’ll take a beer / Or a white wine / Campfire or candle light / And when it comes to love well her idea of a romantic night / Is listening to old Alabama / Driving through Tennessee / A little dixieland alight at the right time of night / And she can’t keep her hands off of me, me, me.”

As usual, Paisley goes the extra mile to set the mood, not just referencing Alabama but having the legendary band reunite to sing a section of the song, with a melody straight out of their 1982 classic ‘Mountain Music.’

Listen to the track here