We all know the feeling of hitting every single red light on your path to your destination. I can't help but to become extremely frustrated. And we all know it's usually the same lights that we get stuck at. I've decided to make a list of the most frustrating lights in Bozeman. Most of which I'm sure you will all agree to. Let's vent together shall we?

Babcock and 19th

First we have the stoplight at Babcock and 19th Street and it is a doozy. If you plan on ever crossing 19th street using this light, plan on listening to at least three songs while waiting for the light to turn green. Maybe not that long but to my calculation (counting in my head) the light stayed red for well over 3 minutes. This is because it is so ridiculously close to the massive intersection at 19th and Main and the light needs to stay red anytime cars are being sent over from that intersection. But even then, let's say you are traveling West on Main Street and want to turn South onto 19th, before you even travel a city block after your turn, this retched light turns red leaving you stuck at another light!

Main and 15th

Second is a light just down the street that suffers from a long sensor timer. If you travel down North 15th Street towards Main, it's almost a given you will happen upon a red light at Main. Not only a red light but many times a line of cars leaving McDonalds as well. And it always seems to take quite a while before the white 'walk' sign changes to a flashing red hand. Once it turns green, cross your fingers for the light to stay green until it's your turn to go.

11th and College Roundabout

Third is the intersection that will never ever have a stoplight at it. Not now and not ever. Why? Well, because they are installing a roundabout at the intersection. The previous location was that of a four way stop that saw bounds of traffic during school days as college students slumped over their steering wheels waiting in line behind sometimes more than 20 cars. When the news was released that the intersection was getting an overhaul, cheers of rejoice rang through the mountains. That was until everyone found out it would be a roundabout. When the cheering stopped and the jeering began, I raised my eyebrows in wonder and curiosity. I am all one for trying new things so I'm excited to see how it works. I would hope college students are able to figure out how to properly navigate it.

High School  Crosswalk

Fourth is the 'stray' stoplight right in front of the high school. This stoplight is not to manage vehicle traffic, but it is to help pedestrians cross the street. There isn't an intersection at all just a stoplight. which makes it a bit strange when you are stopped at it.  To the west or East half a block there are stoplights with crosswalks so why do we need this cross walk? I wasn't in Bozeman when it was installed but I assume it is for the safety of the teenagers that would rather risk their lives then walk the extra half a block to the next nearest crosswalk. If you are driving down main on a warm day during the lunch hour, you will most likely be stopped by this light. I'm always impressed when it's only one or two students that stop lines of cars in order to cross. Those kids have got some gusto. And more often than not, many of those same cars were just stopped at a previous light...half a block away!

Main Street (the whole street Downtown)

And last but not least we have the entire street of Main Street. The lights are on a timer which ideally would make it easy to travel straight through stopping only once at most. With slow moving car traffic, pedestrians stepping into traffic and cars waiting to take left turns, it's generally a three stop journey from rouse to 7th. I'm not complaining too much because it is one of the greatest stretches of city street in all America and am glad the lights make us stop to appreciate it every once in a while.