From the Bozeman Police: 

On March 19, 2013, as part of our “zero-tolerance” approach to alcohol abuses, the Bozeman Police Department conducted alcohol compliance checks at 40 area businesses. In each check, a 19 year old female without any identification entered the business and ordered an alcoholic beverage. Thirty-four of the businesses were in full compliance and refused to sell her a drink when she was unable to provide identification.

 Employees from six of the businesses sold the underage person alcohol, either without asking for identification or not verifying legal age. In these instances, the clerk/server were issued citations for Unlawful Sale of Alcohol to a Minor. Employees from the following businesses were issued related citations:

 Jackpot Casino, 1801 W. Main Street

  Baja Fresh, 1459 N. 19th Avenue

  Old Hatchery, 2711 W. College Street

  Town & Country Foods, 1611 S. 11th Street

  Applebee’s Restaurant, 1108 N. 7th Avenue

  The Bay Restaurant, 2825 W. Main Street

 A large majority of the businesses checked were in full compliance with the laws regarding underage drinking. They did not allow the teenager to purchase alcohol, refusing service when she was unable to provide proof of legal age. We applaud the continued good work of these licensed establishments. Those found in compliance were:

Target, 2550 Catron Street

Montana Outpost, 6059 E Valley Center Road

Johnny Carino’s, 2159 W Burke Street

Town Pump, 1540 N 19th Street

Hilton Garden Inn, 2023 Commerce Way

Old Chicago, 1940 N 19th Street

Cost Plus World Market, 2226 Tschache Lane

Olive Garden, 1553 N 19th Street

Montana Spirits and Wine, 2063 W Oak Street

Buffalo Wild Wings, 2047 W Oak Street

Hideaway Lounge, 1625 W Main Street

Lucky Lil’s, 1510 N 19th Street

Town & Country Foods, 219 N 19th Street

Lucky Lil’s, 2401 W Main Street

 Magic Diamond, 2609 W Main Street

Fuddrucker’s, 2905 W Main Street

Magic Diamond, 1615 W. Main Street

CVS Pharmacy, 1525 W Main Street

Bar 3 BBQ, 215 N 7th Avenue

Famous Dave’s BBQ, 1230 N 7th Street

K-Mart, 1126 N 7th Street

Wal-Mart, 1500 N 7th Street

 Dottie’s Casino, 2107 N 7th Street

Pump and Pak, 2020 N 7th Street

 Santa Fe Red’s, 1235 N 7th Street

 Holiday Inn, 5 Baxter Lane

 City Center Steakhouse, 520 W Mendenhall Street

 Montana Ale Works, 611 E Main Street

 Town Pump, 803 E Main Street

 Jackpot Casino, 915 E Main Street

 The Bozeman Bowl, 414 E Babcock Street

 Plonk, 29 E Main Street

 Joe’s Parkway, 903 W College Street

 Spectator’s Bar and Grill, 19 Tai Lane

 The Bozeman Police Department will continue to focus on the safety of our community and youth. Our officers on the street are strictly enforcing violations of alcohol laws. Some violations include:

DUI and other alcohol related traffic crimes

 Open Containers of alcohol on the street or in vehicles

 Providing alcohol to someone under the age of 21

 Persons under the age of 21 in possession or attempting to purchase alcohol

 Serving alcohol to persons who are obviously highly intoxicated

 Providing or allowing alcohol to be consumed without a liquor license