I love the internet and how much simpler it makes finding movie times in Bozeman. Never again must I scan through a newspaper for showtimes. Yes, for you youngsters out there, we used to have to search the newspaper for showtimes!

Inside we have a list of where to find all the movie times and theater locations in Bozeman. Some places you may have never been before!


Hollywood Theaters
Movie Times
2825 W. Main Street, Bozeman MT 59718
With the relatively recent addition of digital projectors, you can be assured your film won't melt in the middle of the plot and they are capable of showing the newest 3D movies.

The Ellen Theatre
Movie Times
17 West Main Street, Bozeman, Montana 59715
The historic Ellen Theatre is again showing movies. With their new digital projector, the movies look better than ever. The schedule isn't very consistent yet. When a movie is showing, you better make sure to get your tickets soon.

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The Procrastinator Theater
Movie Times
Montana State University SUB Room 287
Remodeled just a few years ago, The Procrastinator Theater on campus is no longer just a classroom with a projector and a screen. It now houses a movie theater size screen and stadium seating. The theater shows everything from soon to be released on DVD movies as well as cult classics such as the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Tickets are generally $2 except for Thursday's late show is only $1. Some shows are even free.

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Silver Bow Drive In
Movie Times
Get directions here
Yep there are still drive in movie theaters. There are none in the Bozeman area, but with a short drive to Butte you will find the Silver Bow Drive In. During the summer, the drive in shows two movies.  Click here to see what is playing this week and the next. This might be a great chance to relive some childhood memories!

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