View Bozeman High's December sports schedule and scores. Brought to you by Burger King.



12/12   Frosh Boys BBall                    5:45pm            vs         Big Timber@ Bozeman


Frosh Girls BBall                    7pm                 vs         Big Timber@ Bozeman


12/13   Girls Soph BBall                     4pm                 vs         Helena @ Bozeman


Lady Frosh A BBall               4:15pm            vs         Helena @ Bozeman


JV BBall                                 5:45pm            vs         Helena@Helena




Lady Frosh B BBall                4:45pm            vs         Three Forks@ Bozeman


Lady JV BBall                                    4:45pm            vs         Helena@Bozeman


Lady Varsity BBall                 7:30pm            vs         Helena @Bozeman


Varsity BBall                          7:30pm            vs         Helena @ Helena


12/16   Varsity Wrestling                    11 am              vs         GreatFalls@Great Falls


Lady Frosh B BBall                4 pm                vs         Butte @ Butte


Frosh B BBall                         5:30p               vs         Butte @ Butte


12/17   Swimming                               11:00a             vs         Great Falls @ Great Falls


Wrestling Tourney                                          vs         Great Falls @ Great Falls


Frosh A BBall                         11:15am          vs         Helena@Helena


Frosh B Ball                            1 pm                vs         Helena @ Helena


Lady Soph/Frosh A                1 pm                vs         Helena Cap@Helena


JV BBall                                 2:45 pm           vs         Helena@Helena


Lady Varsity BBall                 4:30p               vs         Helena Cap@ Bozeman