Come on, we all know that office admins are underpaid and overworked. And since they don't get the recognition they deserve, a whole day is devoted to them. Wednesday is Administrative Professionals Day!

So, if you're a boss you should give your administrative professionals the props they deserve! Call me Wednesday during the XL Morning Show and nominate your Admin Professional. We'll also give you a way to nominate them on Facebook that we'll share with you tomorrow. Here's what your Admin Professional could win:

  • $50 Gift Card to Kenyon Noble plus a hanging basket for your office
  • $25 Gift Card to the Leaf & Bean
  • 2 Large Pizzas for lunch from Old Chicago Pizza delivered by Dave Wooten

Tell us about your fabulous Admin Professional who we all know does the real work around your office! Call us between 6a - 9a Wednesday morning (April 23) at 582-1061.