Bozeman cyclists Gerry & Pat Goede braved bad weather, hot temperatures, and muscle aches and pains from Mexico all the way to Canada. They began their trip on May 28th, riding their tandem bicycle on some days up to 10 and 11 hours.

They reached the Canadian border the first week of July, and after a quick lunch, made the turn back down to Bozeman. I actually passed them in Billings on I-90, the day before their journey came to an abrupt end (July 14) when one of their bike wheels broke.

Still, it was an amazing journey of over 2,600 miles, all to raise money for scholarships for Heritage Christian School in Bozeman. Listen below to our interview on the XL Morning Show with Gerry & Pat and hear their experience first hand. Also, check out pictures of their journey on their blog by clicking here.