After almost a month full of amazing trophies coming into the site we have our winner.  We knew picking a winner ourselves would be next to impossible so we left it up to XL Nation to vote for which Trophy they liked the best.  Two weeks of voting later our winner is....

It was a close race between Echo T, and Sage K.  But with over 450 total votes Sage ended up winning the contest.

Sage K- Fought off the grizzlies, outsmarted the wolves and found this awesome public land bull. Gallatin County bow kill 2012!

Congrats to Sage on the Bull Elk taken with a bow,  he wins the Ultimate Optics Package from Bob Wards!


Binoculars -  10×42 Talon

Spotting Scope  -  80 MM Viper

Rifle Scope  -  4-12×40 Viper

Scope Rings  -  Hunter 1” Rings

Rangefinder -  Ranger 1000

Over $2700 in prizes!

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