It's hard enough to see a deer on the highway let alone a camouflaged person! A Kalispell  man dressed in a  “Ghillie suit” was killed South of Kalispell on U.S. 93 Sunday night.  According to the Highway patrol the man was struck twice on the highway.

The incident happened when the man was wearing a Ghillie suit, which is one of the best forms of camouflage, at 10:30 at night on the highway.

Randy Lee Tenley, 44, of Kalispell was trying to get people to think he was a Sasquatch.  Hoping that people would report it and get some buzz in the area about big foot.  Alcohol is believed to have played a part in the incident.

The man was struck by two separate vehicles,  both driven by teenage girls.

Here are the top Gillie Suits according to



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