One of my favorite parts of living in Big Sky Country is being able to see beautiful sunsets each evening. Fall is definitely one of the best times of the year to catch the most beautiful. First off what time does the sun set? You can get that, plus lots of other scientific data, at This will allow you to reach each of the following destinations well in advance of the sun touching the horizon.

Along with the autumn smells in the air, the leaves changing colors, and the unwanted forest fires in late summer, the perfect picture is set each clear night for a beautiful sunset. I really love how the sky turns from a light blue to orange and sometimes a pink once the sun is gone. Where are your favorite places to watch the sun kiss the landscape? Our list of notable places are below but leave us a comment at the bottom of any we miss.

The M

The M trail hike, only a few miles out from Rouse on Bridger Road, faces West giving any hikers a wonderful view of the sunset. Be sure to begin your hike soon after the sun begins to set so that you make it down before dusk. We also recommend bring flash lights just in case it's too dark too soon.

Dinosaur Playground Hill

Just west of the Dinosaur Playground is a massive hill that is a great place to throw down a blanket, open some snacks, slap on the shades and bask in an evening sunset. This plan works best if you have invited someone to share the moment with you.

Peet's Hill

An even bigger hill located on the East end of town is Peet's Hill just off of church and story. There are many trails here to take your dog on a walk or just to enjoy the fresh air and bit of nature. The sunset is best seen from the top and there are even benches to sit on as you see all of Bozeman glimmer with the golden rays of the setting sun.

This requires you to be a student, be related to a student, or have a good relationship with a student. But being the tallest buildings in Bozeman, North Hedges, South Hedges, and Roskie offer some great overhead view of each days sunset. I have a feeling that living on the west side of this dorm.


Crazy Mountains off I-90

Just last weekend I was driving back to Billings to visit my family and I saw the coolest sunset I had seen in a while. It was behind me and I had to keep trying to sneak a peek in my rear view mirrors. The best part was that the sun was setting very close to the Crazy Mountains as I was a few miles past them. I would recommend taking an exit somewhere near Reed Point and getting there a few hours before sunset to catch the sun beginning to poke behind the mountains to the west. The fires that were burning somewhere in Montana added a pink hazy shield to the sun as well.

Big Sky Resort

From the Town Center just before the Mountain Resort at Big Sky you can see the sun set down behind the massive Lone Peak . This one looks the best in winter because the mountain tops are covered in snow but during the summer and fall it's still a breath taking view.

Gallatin Speedway

I've heard the view of the sunset one of the main reasons people attend the races each summer. I actually didn't hear that but the North facing bleachers do give you a wonderful view of that classic Montana sunset along with the smell of exhaust fumes and chill of a cold beer in your hand.

Some examples of Montana sunsets I've captured on my phone