Looking for that location that will make the birthday party special, memorable or just plain fun? Look no further we've got our top five best places for a kid's birthday right here.

Ridge Kids - By Kelly Ruff

We actually had my son David's 5th Birthday Party at The Ridge just last month, and I will go back over and over again as it is one of Bozeman's best places for a kid's birthday. It was perfect! They give you a two hour time slot and will even do the decorating for you. You have a choice of the Play Zone (which includes tunnels, slides and a ball pit); a bounce house or the pool. Or for a bit extra you can choose two of the three. They have one of their staff members there at all times to assist with your every command, during the party. They will even bring in pizza to feed all of the party goers or you can provide it yourself. The best part about it, is that when the party is over you pack up your stuff and you are out of there, they do the clean up. Ridge Kids should definitely be in the top five best places for kid's birthday parties.

Children's Museum - By Colleen O'Quinn

The Children's Museum in Bozeman is one of the best places for a Birthday Party because they will even decorate and supply the cake.  There is no cleanup on your part!  The kids run wild all over the place exploring the Aquarium with Montanan fish, enjoying the Puppet Theater, creating on the Magnetic Canvas,  or making humungous bubbles on the Bubble Wall. Then they stop and have cake and ice cream and it's all fun until it's time to leave.

Room at the Marriot - By Colleen O'Quinn

My all time favorite was when we got a room at the Marriot and had a sleepover with a bunch of girls.  ordered pizza and swam.  Once again...no cleanup!

Full Circle Racing

Full Circle Racing has such a good course that they actually have league racing as well. It's more for the 'older kids' as the Adult Karts go upwards of 30 mph but there are also Kid Karts. There isn't really an age limit just a guideline of "if you can reach it you can ride it". Anyone that can't reach the adult peddles will be given a Kids Kart. Party rates vary so they ask that you call ahead if you are wanting a private party at 406-587-5278. Get the kids together and give them the 'fastest' birthday party ever!

The Bozeman Bowl

Taking the crew bowling is always a good idea and The Bozeman Bowl has lots of lanes. The kids will love the bowling and they can order pizza and other snacks to keep from going hungry. You can split the kids into teams for a little bit of competition or one of my fav's while bowling: dancing bowling. Each you roll your ball, you must perform a dance move and the person following you does your dance move plus one of their own. It's a blast and takes your mind off the pins still standing at the end of the ally.