With all our time and energy focused around the announcement of Big & Rich coming to Headwaters Country Jam this summer, it got me to thinking about great concerts I've been to over the years. Being in radio, we get the privilege of seeing a lot of shows!  It's a perk of the job. That and Free coffee every morning. Here are my Top 5 concerts I've been to:

1) Garth Brooks - Hands down the best show by anyone in any genre of music. The guy just knows how to work an audience. And even if you're in the last row, if feels like he's playing for you.

2) Rolling Stones - It's the Rolling Stones, enough said. It was over 20yrs ago and Mick and the boys were old then. I can't believe they're still playing, but I would go see them again if given the chance.

3) George Strait - The guys is just cool! I also got to spend 10min with him backstage before the show which was incredibly unreal. Can't believe I lost the picture I took!

4) Kiss - Like the Stones, Gene and Paul were in their 50s but they still rocked. I was in the 2nd row and could feel the fire from the stage! I think Gene spit on me, once!

5) Lionel Richie -- Ok, I confess. I've seen Lionel .  .  . 3 times!  But he puts on a terrific show and tells stories about the songs he writes and sings. I love it when an artist talks and tells us about themselves. Love Dwight Yoakum, but his concert was a disappointment for that reason. He didn't say a word.

Ok, I showed you mine . . .now you have to show me yours! It's only fair. What's the best concert/concerts you've ever been to? Let us know in the comments below: