I found this information on FitPerez.com and had to share!  Fast food meals are a treat in our house and are pretty rare, so I let them get whatever they want, but it's still good to know what to look out for!


Healthiest Meal: 345 calories Veggie Delite sandwich, apples, low-fat milk
Unhealthiest Meal: 395 calories Roast beef sandwich, apples, low-fat milk


Healthiest Meal: 350 calories Chicken tenders, apple fries, and low-fat milk
Unhealthiest Meal: 430 calories Hamburger, apple fries, and apple juice


Healthiest Meal: 360 calories Crunchy taco, cinnamon twists, and juice
Unhealthiest Meal: 580 calories Bean burrito, cinnamon twists, and juice


Healthiest Meal: 260 calories Chicken strip, low-fat milk, and a fruit cup
Unhealthiest Meal: 660 calories Chicken nuggets, low-fat chocolate milk, and fries


Healthiest Meal: 280 calories Chicken strips, string cheese, corn, and a Capri Sun
Unhealthiest Meal: 663 calories Popcorn chicken, string cheese, potato wedges, soda


Healthiest Meal: 283 calories Chicken nuggets, apples, and a soft drink
Unhealthiest Meal: 623 calories Chicken sandwich, fries, and a soft drink


Healthiest Meal: 380 calories Chicken McNuggets, apple dippers, and apple juice
Unhealthiest Meal: 700 calories Cheeseburger, French fries, and chocolate milk


Healthiest Meal: 410 calories Chicken strips, apples, and juice
Unhealthiest Meal: 740 calories Grilled cheese, French fries, and chocolate milk


Healthiest Meal: 455 calories Ham melt sandwich, chips, and a soda
Unhealthiest Meal: 773 calories Cheesy toasted cheese sandwich, cookie, and soda


Healthiest Meal: 603 calories Chicken strips, applesauce, soda, and ice cream cone
Unhealthiest Meal: 883 calories Cheeseburger, fries, soda, and a Dilly bar