Last night, (Thurs. March 28), there was an armed robbery at Price Rite Drug on North 7th. 

According to police, the man pointed a semi-automatic handgun at the clerks and demanded cash and all of their Dilaudid, a painkiller.

After a chase through town, police arrested 27 year old Benjamin Reid Bullock  at the Town Pump on South 19th.

Bullock is making his initial appearance in court today, and bail will be set.


While attempting to pull Bullock over, the officer was told that Bullock possibly matched the description of the robbery suspect. Bullock then stopped his vehicle briefly before suddenly driving off.


Bullock led law enforcement on a chase, turning west onto Birch Street, north on Eighth Avenue and continued on North Ninth Avenue. Despite coming to a dead end on Ninth Avenue, the driver turned off the road and drove through a nearby field.


Another officer located the vehicle driving at a high rate of speed westbound on Baxter Lane. Bullock pulled into the Town Pump parking lot and parked in the northeast part of the lot.


Bullock exited the car and started walked toward the Town Pump store carrying a leather computer bag. An officer ordered Bullock to get on the ground. Instead he paced back and forth, dropped the computer bag and took off his sweatshirt.


An officer continued to ask Bullock to get on the ground and keep his hands where the officer could see them. Bullock then got a pill bottle from the computer bag, turned his back to officers, emptied some of the pills into his mouth and began chewing them.


An officer pushed Bullock to the ground and placed him under arrest. Bullock had an open bottle of hydromorphone and a bottle of Ibuprofen as well as $266 cash on him at the time of his arrest.