I was SO lucky to go and check out Beaches Boscobel in Jamaica.  It was a working vacation.  Tough job, I know!  We are giving away a trip every weekday during the month of May, and I want you to go!  These trips are for a Luxury Included trip for 4 at the Beaches of your choice.

One of the best parts of Beaches is that when you get there, you put your money in the safe in your room, and don't pay for a thing!  Food and drink is included, so is scuba diving, golf, watersports, etc.

My husband and I have never been on a trip together, just the two of us.  We had so much fun, but you will see why it was hard for me to be without my kids!

I am going to add pictures every day this week, and focus on one of the million wonderful things about beaches.  Keep listening for your 'cue to call.'  When you hear it, be caller 25 at 1-877-854-wins.  (hint:  11:00-ish this morning)