This happened in Australia, but it made me think about my neighbors.  They are apparently "all natural."  They don't mow, paint the deck that's half white-half natural wood, or pick up their dog poop.  They DO keep adding more landscaping and rocks, and then never take care of it.   They are REALLY nice people, though, and I would rather have them live next to me, than this guy!

After neighbors complained about 47-year-old David Muscat illegally removing trees from his property, he built a very large sculpture of a middle finger to show his neighbors what he thinks of them.

Muscat's sculpture stands four feet tall and reports say it is very visible from the street. Residents of the neighborhood call Muscat the "neighbor from hell" and some even filed complaints that he assaulted them by pushing them around and pointing leaf blowers at them.

Tell me about your neighbor from hell.