Congrats to Kelly Arnold who won the $1000 'Boot Full of Loot' from Kenyon Noble on Saturday. We narrowed down our 100 qualifiers to just two, and then we played a round of Giant Jenga! Watch and see how the last few minutes played out on the video above.

We can't thank Bernie and the crew from Kenyon Noble enough. They put up the $1000 for the winner and built our Giant Jenga game that we used to give the money away. Of course, we also want to thank all of you in the XL Nation who signed for the Boot Full of Loot over the course of the summer!

Below are some fun pictures we took on Saturday out at Kenyon Noble:

Selfie with our 100 qualifiers below the Kenyon Noble logo just before we got started on Saturday!

Our buddie Bernie from Kenyon Noble rocking a pink tie! It goes great with the Pink Panther that he's sitting on!

Kelly Arnold our Boot Full of Loot Winner! Kelly plays a mean game of Giant Jenga! Congrats Kelly and thanks to your boyfriend, Chet, for shooting the video up above!