I've never been a big fan of mine.  If I had to pick my best body part, I guess it would by my arms.  They are usually on the thin side and somewhat toned.

But, according to a new study published by Daily Mail, American women find their breasts to be their favorite body part.

The study also found that U.S. women are more confident about how they look than women in the UK. When it comes to being naked, 15 percent of American women claim they were happy to shed their clothes compared with just 10 percent of Britons.

Almost a third of all Americans polled - 30 percent - say they are happy in a bikini and feel totally confident on a beach.

What's your favorite body part?  What about your least favorite part?  My least favorite is my upper thigh, underbutt area.  I'd like to know what the hell happened there.